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Mental Balance and Yoga Mantra Chanting by Sarika bajaj

It is said that there is a pure state of mind and an impure state of mind.

These two states of mind are referred to our existence. We all know how our state of mind is. If our mind is impure and restless, we perceive that our lives are broken and misshapen. If our mind is pure and simple, we perceive that everything as a whole is well.

The mind should not clash with the emotions when one has positive (Sattwic) emotions like compassion, charity & mercy, the mind has no problem with these reactions. When one has negative (Tamasic) emotions, one must make the mind so strong that it is not the emotion that creates the reaction, it is the mind creating reactions.

Right Attitude with the Right Perspective.
To bring mental balance, or to lift the mind from negative to positive emotions, the daily practice of yoga-like Mantra chanting, Japa, Asanas Practice, Pranayama is not enough but the fine-tuning of the mind has to begin with awareness to give one ability in life to adjust in life. We need conscious tuning of our mental attitude.

Where am I?

How do I adjust to become happy at the present moment?
At every state, it is the component of the mind that has to be adjusted and managed with the right perspective and with the right attitude.

Nature of a Balanced Mind
Happy with every situation
Free from pride

Application of the Yogic Tool from Mantra Chanting
Mantra chanting helps in channelizing the energy of the emotions and sentiments. It does not affect the emotions but the sentiments. It affects the energy of the emotions. Maintaining the emotional balance leads one to higher consciousness and helps in mental pacification and purification. By allowing a pure and new personality, it increases one's awareness, quality, and intensifies the density of the mind.

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Celebrate. Pray. Create. | Sustainable Nature and Arts & Culture |
The literal meaning of the expression Shikansuiyo (t) is gpurple trunk, green leavesh, but it is used to refer to a beautiful scene of nature. From prehistoric times, the Japanese people have found beauty not only in Mt. Fuji and cherry blossom, but in the humble everyday nature of rice fields, wild flowers and birds, too. The artists have prepared their works with particular thought for the shrine and its sacred forests, and with passion, awe and respect for nature and our daily lives. They include works by contemporary artists Takeshi Honda, who paints scenes of the Tono region of Tohoku, and Aki Fueda who specializes in images of animals and birds, as well as Masato Kobayashi, Taro Yamamoto, Hisashi Tenmyouya and Kota Hirakawa among many others. The media chosen for their works are the traditional Japanese forms of folding screens, hanging scrolls, partition screens (paintings) and folding fans. A centerpiece of the show will be folding fan-shaped paintings commissioned from approximately thirty contemporary artists, renowned for both their skill and talent, which will be exhibited along one wall. We hope you will enjoy the many lucid and expressive works on show in the amazing natural surroundings of Meiji Shrine.

Date: September 30 (Wed), 2020 @ Meiji Shrine Museum Closest Sta.: Harajuku Sta.


Loire Valley Wine Seminar at Tokyo American Club

Join our French. wine expert on Sunday 8/30 for a Loire Valley Wine Dinner at our Premium Venue: The Tokyo American Club! Located in central France, a breathtaking part of Europe, Loire Valley wines are fresh, fruity and food-friendly For those who might not be able to travel this summer, let us transport you inside this French kingdom of fine wine! You do not need to be a TAC member to join that public event. Following Tokyo Governorfs instructions with: checking everybody's body temperature at entrance asking everybody to wear a mask providing alcohol sprays to wash your hands providing an air exchange in the room with doors open layout will be gsocial distanceh style except for couples

Date: 8/30 (Sun) @ Tokyo American Club, Tokyo Closest Sta.: Kamiyacho Sta. Fee: 16,478

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