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TOKYO NOTICE BOARD Throwback from May 15. 2020

Resilience is necessary more than ever in this tumultuous time by Olivia

As we age, change becomes more and more difficult, because our brain is trained to like familiar things. It is used to doing things in a certain way that works. So, we will be satisfied with the same routine every day, but as soon as we go outside our “comfort zone”, we may feel discomfort or stress. Life-changing situations and challenges always bring stress, and the bigger the change, the more stress we get. If, for example, daily hassles like crowded train gives us a low-level stressful situation, marriage or divorce - a high-level one, how would you describe the stress level of the COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing right now?

We can’t avoid difficult situations like this. However, thanks to resilience, many people can bounce back from pain and stress even stronger than before.

Positive psychology has a term “hedonic adaptation” (“hedonic treadmill”). Usually, it is used to describe that no matter what material goods we are striving for, as soon as we get them, it is a matter of time when we get used to them and want more. But it is also is a good thing, because hedonic adaptation works both ways, in response to both positive and negative experiences. Which means that we also get used to bad things (negative circumstances and events), don’t feel excruciating pain all the time we are experiencing them and will experience personal growth because of them if we are willing to work on ourselves. Willingness to accept your weak points, to seek and to give support, to forgive, to unselfishly love, to trust, to be kind, - these are just a few examples of how we can change.

Also, psychological research has shown that in general optimistic people are more resilient, because they see non-desirable situations as temporary, whereas pessimists are sure that better times will never come. Resilience is like a muscle, which needs to be trained. Only this way our brain will adapt new neural pathways and it will become a part of us and our daily life.

We need to use strategies from positive psychology to increase optimist and resilient thinking, and to do it consciously, and now is just the perfect time!

年をとると、変化に対応するのがむずかしくなる。 親しんだ事柄に脳が慣れてしまうからだ。あるやり方で物事をうまくやりすごすと決ま事になり、毎日がそれの繰り返しで満足する。しかしその「快適ゾーン」をはみ出すと、とたんに不快に思いストレスを感じる。生活の変化や試練でストレスはもたらされるが、その変化が大きければ大きい程、ストレスも増大する。例えば、毎日乗る混み合う通勤電車は、軽いストレスとなり、結婚や離婚は、大きなストレスとなる。さて、現在我々が体験しているコロナウィルス19感染症の世界的拡大についてはどれほどのストレスがもたらされているのだろう。





Tokyo Fab


Facebook Livestreams for Artists

As a direct result of COVID-19, many more artists and creators have taken to Facebook Live to host livestreams as a way to connect to followers, make money or raise funds for charities. Facebook has taken note and now wants to make it easier for creators to take advantage of their platform, including when it comes to making money.
The social-media platform giant announced that it would integrate new features across Facebook, Instagram and Portal to help users connect more efficiently. "To support creators and small businesses, we plan to add the ability for Pages to charge for access to events with Live videos on Facebook − anything from online performances to classes to professional conferences," the platform said in a statement.

Introducing Messenger Rooms and more ways to connect when you’re apart


BAND CAMP for Artists

There are many places online where you can sell your music, but there are a few places, like Bandcamp, that are a little different. Music typically needs to go through a distributor to be made available on popular online platforms. But Bandcamp is a site where you can go to create an account and manually list your music for sale, at a price of your choosing. And now, Bandcamp has announced that it will continue to waive its revenue fees on specific dates in support of musicians as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. They will waive its revenue share on the first Friday of every month from midnight to midnight Pacific Standard Time on all sales over the next few months. On June 5 and July 3, musicians on the platform will receive 100 percent of revenue for music and merchandise. Typically, Bandcamp keeps 15 percent of revenue for digital sales and 10 percent for merchandise.

Support Artists Impacted By the Covid-19 Pandemic


What’s App With You?



This is a mobile-based app intended to teach diaphragmatic breathing as a stress management skill. Diaphragmatic breathing is marked by the expansion of the abdomen rather than the chest when breathing. The app visually guides the user and provides audio instructions on how to practice the breathing technique in a way that reduces stress levels. Users can also view a video demonstration before beginning the exercise. The app allows users to set the pace of the breathing exercise at a pace that is comfortable for them, set the pace for inhaling and exhaling, and change the number of practice breathing cycles. Before and after each practice session, the app prompts users to record their stress level on a visual scale by simply swiping a small bar to the left or to the right.

Stop, Breathe & Think:

This app is designed to use the principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness to help with daily stress, anxiety and depression. With anxiety and depression being the most common mental health disorders, it is great that app developers are addressing this issue. There are six major aspects to Pacifica and each one has a special way of helping the user address with the causes of these common mental health issues: mood, health, relax, experiments, thoughts, groups. Pacifica can add to someone’s life in addition to therapy or shortly after stopping. It can also be very useful for anyone who needs to find a way to manage stress through their life.

Strange but True


5-year Old Super Driver!

The unnamed Utah Highway Patrol officer told a news conference that he initiated a traffic stop on what he thought might be a drunk driver or someone experiencing a medical emergency on the southbound 15 Freeway.
"I hit my siren and the car did immediately pull over the left. When the window came down that it was a young, very underage driver."
The boy was perched on the edge of the driver's seat so that he could reach the pedals. Through tears the five-year-old explained that he had taken his parents' car with $3 in his pocket and a dream to buy a Lamborghini.
After the boy's escapade made international headlines, the family received an offer from a local businessman. The businessman offered the boy a spin in a matte black, two-seater Huracan to make his dream come true!

Video-Meeting Gone Wrong

A worker is considering quitting their job after their colleagues accidentally overheard them talking during a work-from-home video meeting. The problem came about because the person said they have an 'odd quirk' which they do when eating alone, and it was exposed recently when they thought the mic was muted during a call - leaving them mortified. "I talk to my food and to myself," they said. "On the day in question I had a sandwich and some pita chips with hummus. So, for example, I said something like 'Welcome to my mouth, Mr. Pita!' Paying little attention to the meeting, they realised their name was being said and it quickly set in that everyone on the other end could hear every word. The manager demanded they muted the microphone as others laughed, and the worker mumbled an apology in embarrassment...



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