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No We Don' Fly: Quidditch in Tokyo by Stephen Lilico

Six months ago, gathering people from wherever I could find them, I started a Quidditch team (Edo Quidditch). It was the peak of summer when we first started playing, and we were on a rooftop at a Futsal court about a quarter of the size of a proper pitch. It was baking hot, and we stopped every five minutes for some water and whatever meager relieve the shade provided. Despite that shaky start, everyone had a whale of a time, and since then we moved to a nice grass field in Kasai, trained every Saturday, ate a bunch of curries together and this ragtag bunch of people have become some of my best friends.

But I still get some mixture of surprise, confusion and disbelief whenever I mention that we are playing Quidditch. There is the normal tirade of questions like “do you ride on brooms?” (yes, but they are really more poles), “Do you fly” (no, it turns out that we are still bound by the laws of physics even when we have a stick between our legs), “How does the snitch work” (it’s a tennis ball in a sock hanging off the back of a person who runs away and you have to grab it from them. It also only scores 30 points because we like the rest of the game to matter too). After that, people are normally interested, if still somewhat skeptical. I guess people imagine we are basically just a bunch of nerds in cosplay. But, while many of us are massive nerds, this is a real, competitive, full contact sport. There is a thriving international scene, including a world cup every other year, and four different teams in Tokyo you can join (though we are the only English speaking one).

If I was given a blank slate to describe quidditch, it would be to image half of you are playing handball while the other half are playing dodgeball, and halfway through three people decide they need to play tag rugby with this guy in yellow, you all have sticks between your legs, and yet it is immensely tactical and exhilarating. It is also the most LGBT+ friendly sport around, being played mixed, respecting an individual’s choice of gender, and with the four maximum rule that states, among the 6/7 players a team has on pitch, no more than four may have the same gender identity.

So I also get the exciting opportunity as captain and coach to teach 155cm tall Japanese girls how to tackle 182cm gym bunnies to the ground (which they definitely can do). Between the bludgers and the brooms, the game also pleasingly doesn’t just reward being large, and so feels very accessible to anyone, wherever they are coming from.

So yeah, we play Quidditch, find us on facebook @Edoqui or come join us in Kasai one Saturday morning, and no, we don’t fly.


クィディッチ(注:「ハリー・ポッター」シリーズに登場する、魔法使いたちのスポーツ。今では英国発祥の本物の競技になり、人気を得ている)を楽しみませんか。facebook @Edoqui で検索してください。

Tokyo Fab


Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones Exhibition

Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones Exhibition is coming to Japan in Spring 2019. Don’t miss the only Asian stop on the tour! The Rolling Stones Exhibition features over 500 Stones’ items with 50 years of Stones fashion, 190 original artworks, vintage instruments, interactive sound mixing desks and recording studio, a screening cinema with exclusive content, all culminating in a 3D concert finale.
Exhibitionism tells the story of the most influential rock ‘n’ roll band in the world, allowing visitors to experience their incredible journey through this immersive exhibition, from their early days living together in a tiny flat, to headlining the biggest stages in the world.

4/27 (Sat) & 28 (Sun) @ TOC GOTANDA MESSE
6-6-19 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku
(Closest Sta. Gotanda Sta., Osaki Hirokoji Sta. & Fudomae Sta.)


X-RAY AUDIO - The Strange Story of The Soviet Underground

Above are a selection of records of forbidden music cut onto used x-ray film during the cold war era in the Soviet Union.
"They are images of pain and damage overlayed with the sounds of pleasure, fragile photographs of the interiors of Soviet citizens inscribed with thematic they secretly loved"
In the USSR during the cold war era, the music people could listen to was ruthlessly controlled by the State. In an era when the recording industry was ruthlessly controlled by the State, music lovers and bootleggers had found an incredible alternative means of making illegal copies of forbidden recordings - they repurposed used X Ray plates obtained from local hospitals. It was an act of street enterprise. cultural resistance, technical ingenuity and human endeavour. The X-Ray Audio tells their story.

4/27 (Sat) ~ 5/12 (Sun) 9:30am〜4:00pm @ BA-TSU ART GALLERY
5-15-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku (Closest Sta. Harajuku Sta. & Omotesando Sta.)

For more details and concert schedules, please visit

What’s App With You?



If you don't fly often, that dreaded security line can be daunting. If you have a hard time remember the exact amount of ounces you can take on a carry on or if your tweezers are an OK thing to keep in your purse, MyTSA will give you all the rules and guidelines you need to follow so you don't end up chucking $40 worth of makeup into a trash bin before you even get to your gate. Named the Best Government Mobile App from the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council, and earning TSA recognition as one of the Top 15 Government IT Innovators, “MyTSA” provides 24/7 access to information that passengers frequently request from TSA. It also provides up to date information about weather, flight status, and airport conditions. Get it for free from iOS or Android.

App in the Air:

When traveling with a group of friends, the first couple hours can set the tone for the whole trip. Don't let a spat about being late for the flight put bad blood between you and your buds. App in the Air has a beautifully designed countdown for when your flight's check in closes, boarding ends, takeoff, and landing. App in the Air - your personal flying assistant that keeps you up-to-date with your flight: real time status, airport tips and in-airport navigation maps, flight profile with all your flights logged. Even more: app works offline (gate changes and flight status updates are delivered via SMS which requires no data roaming). Just plug in your flight number and away you go!

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A Special Mother's Day Festival in Japan by Jacqueline C. Sarmiento

Do you ever wonder how does Japanese celebrate Mother's Day Festival in Japan otherwise known as "Haha No Hi"? The first Mother's Day celebration in Japan believed has taken place every 6th day of the month of March, the birthday of Empress Kojun, the mother of the present Emperor, Akihito who is set to abdicate on April 30.

However, the festivity and other Western customs and practice was awakened after the Second World War was over and is presently celebrated almost entirely across Japan every second Sunday of May.

On this special day, mostly people give bouquet of flowers particularly red carnations as they symbolize a mothers quality which is purity, authenticity and gentleness. Usually little children rise up early to greet and impress their mother uttering the words and phrases like "Happy Mother's Day!" (Okaasan haha no hi omedetou!), "I love you mommy!" (Okaasan daisuki da yo!), "Mother, thank you for everything!" (Okaasan itsumo arigatou!) and "I am always grateful mom!" (Okaasan itsumo kansha shiteimasu!).

Customarily, others make unique personal gifts that mothers can keep forever, some buy beautiful gift pieces expressing heartfelt sentiments, others purchase special decorated boxes for jewelry and novelty items to preserve and secure mementos, some draw lovely remarkable portraits, have a get-together, throw a surprise party, others dine in a fancy restaurant and some travel with the whole family for an unforgettable and ultimate travel experience to show their love, care, gratitude, sympathy and appreciation for the exceptional and phenomenal woman in their life.

Furthermore, it has become one of the busiest days of the year in department stores, shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets, beauty salon, spa, even luxury hotels and travel agencies. Thank you mom, for everything you do throughout the year.



母の日には、ほとんどの人が純潔、誠意、優しさで母を象徴する赤のカーネーションの花束を贈る。たいてい子供達は、こんな言葉を発して母を喜ばせる。「おかあさん、ははのひ おめでとう!」「おかあさん だいすきだよ!」「おかあさん いつも ありがとう!」「おかあさ いつも かんしゃしています!」

母の日は定着し, 母が一生とっておけるように特別な物や心からの感謝を込めてた品を手作りしたり、美しい箱に入ったジェエリーや記念になるノベルティグッズを購入したり、ポートレイトを描いたり、一緒に何かしたり、パーティを開いたり、食事に誘ったり、家族みんなで旅行に行ったりして人生で偉大で尊敬する女性に感謝する。


Strange but True


Are you the one?

Alton Towers Resort is a theme park resort located in Staffordshire, England and celebrating Staffordshire Day with a very special offer but not everyone can take part. The theme park will be offering half price entry for Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April, ahead of the Staffordshire Day celebrations on the 1st May!! However, to claim the discount you'll need to be called either 'Molly' or 'Lee' (they will be accepting the following variations) The discount comes as the park honours Molly Leigh, famous 'witch' of Staffordshire. Over 300 years later her legend lives on - and in fact, is being brought to life in the theme park's new Dungeon attraction. If you are the one, claim your discount at Alton Towers!

Time of your life

Dirty Dancing fans, we know where you could have the time of your life on your next holiday! You may know it as Kellerman's Resort where Johnny and Baby found love, but in real life it's actually the Mountain Lake Lodge Hotel in Virginia. A real working hotel, this breathtaking spot in the Catskill Mountains is where the bulk of the filming took place for the 1987 romantic drama. You can follow in Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey 's footsteps and stay at resort, with most of the scenes taking place around the resort's grounds such as the landscaped lawns, rooms, restaurants and lodges. To give guests a helping hand, the resort even offers guests a map of the exact spots used so you can go on a self-guided tour. It's no surprise that the picturesque resort caught the production team's attention. After all, the hotel is surrounded by lush, dense green forests and beautiful crystal-clear waters, while the resort itself offers everything from cosy wooden lodges for guests to elegant rooms in its main building!!


50 Shades of Yikess