Oji Fox Parade (Kitsune no Gyoretsu)

arrowLegend and Folk tales of times before the city of Tokyo was established had foxes gathering around a large tree to celebrate the year that had passed and to welcome in the New Year. On the stroke of midnight this New Years Eve, the Oji Fox Parade will set off from Shozoku Inari Jinja in Kita ku and arrive at the steps of Oji Shrine some time later.
As a wonderful example of community, folklore and tradition, people come together with the encouraging energy that lifts our spirits as we walk into 2019 together. Attending the parade, pic up some hot saké and perhaps a fox mask and engage with others as the procession passes with its drum, flute and dance magic. One of the truly beautiful things about this culture is the integration of the whole community into special events. The wide mix of ages is one way this is demonstrated and Japan has kept this wonderful tradition going whereas some other cultures have less opportunity for such a shared experience. People from all walks of life are valued and respected. Status and rank are put aside and the main focus is on participation and fulfillment of roles. Even the spectator contributes to the success and joy of such an event. This is the simple joy of being.
Oji Fox Parade is a little way from the very built up areas of west Tokyo and a different vibe can be experienced. Tokyo is so rich in its variety. This particular area was damaged in WW2 and in fact, the shrine was mostly destroyed and has been rebuilt from 1959 to 1964 and then again in 1982. However, the famous large Gingko tree that stands proudly now was survived the violence despite experiencing some damage to its upper trunk. It is believed that the tree is approximately 600yrs old and was planted close to the time of the original construction of the Shrine. A stone plaque next to the tree indicates the approximate original construction dating it between 1321 and 1324. The tree itself has been recognized as a National Monument.
The Oji Fox Parade is a wonderful option for this New Years Eve. The subtle and the beautiful, the vibrancy and the richness, and the sheer beauty of Japanese culture can be experienced and shared with family, friends and strangers alike. The trains will be running all night so go early and have a wonderful time and a very very happy New Year!

Oji Fox Parade (Kitsune no Gyoretsu)

Date: 12/31 (Mon) 2018 & 1/1 (Tue) 2019
Venue: @ Oji - From Shozoku Inari Shrine to Oji Inari-Jinja Shrine

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