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Spell Checker by Mardo

There are some days when I think my Spell-check hates me. Days like today, when I type about Sydney Harbour, and it tries to take away the U, and Americanise, sorry, Americanize, my spelling.

There are days when I love spell and grammar check, when they correct the first word of this article from their, to there, or when I am writing my university essays and all the red lines it fixes are marks saved.

Usually though, I think my spell check hates me. This is obviously because I have such an odd range of interests. For example I tend to write a lot about Japan, hardly a surprise if you are reading a Tokyo Notice Board, but while Sashimi and Sapporo may be in the dictionary, Megumi-chan and Mawashi are not. I can accept this though, Spell check is not to know which language I am writing in, I can overlook this.

I also do 3D photography, and terms like lenticular and anaglyph are hardly widely known outside the International Stereoscopic union. So I can forgive this, I think if spell check were a person, I would be a frustrating customer, and I would feel sorry for them having to work for me, so this is ok.

But what I don’t understand is why Spell check doesn’t have the words I use for university. Qualatative, interpretivist, words like this I need in my essay, and this word processor was sold directly to students! You should have academic language!

Sometimes I feel like I am being too hard on spell check, after all it is only tag along to bigger programmes. I bet everyone loved spell check when it first came out. Spelling in letters and reports are now a lot better ( if American). Spell check has been doing too good a job for too long and now we want more! Soon, not just capitals and punctuation, but maybe we should expect metaphor and hyperbole as well. Maybe one day we can just expect our word processor to write our essays for us!

But until that day comes, I have to stop wasting time and get back to research… Research on Indian academic services who will write me a draft assessment task for $2 US a page.

スペルチェック機能に嫌われていると思う時がある。「Sydney Harbour (シドニー・ハーバー)」とタイプすると、U を落として「Sydney Harbor」と米語にされる今日のような時だ。スペルが米語じゃないですよ。







Plain Talk


Japanese Baseball Star Hideki Matsui: Career Retrospective by Patrick Hattman

On July 20, 2012, Hideki Matsui played his last game in Major League Baseball. It was his 10th season in the big leagues, after a decade in Nippon Professional Baseball. With so much time having passed since his career in NPB came to a close, this seems like a good time to remember his playing days in Japan.

Matsui first starred as a schoolboy slugger for the Seiryo High School team in Ishikawa Prefecture, hitting 60 home runs in four years. Most notable was his performance at the 1992 Summer Koshien national tournament. Matsui smacked three home runs to lead his team to victory in the semifinal, but was intentionally walked five times in the final and his team lost. In addition to his hitting prowess, Matsui's stoic demeanor during and after the defeat endeared him to the public.

The Yomiuri Giants made Matsui their #1 draft pick in 1993. In his first full season in 1994, Matsui played every game and went on to appear in 1250 consecutive games in NPB. He was also an All-Star pick, the first of nine straight selections. With Matsui's contributions, the Giants won the Japan Series in 1994, the first of three championships during his time with the club.

Matsui started to reach his full potential in 1996. A third baseman in high school, he was moved to the outfield as a pro and became adept at fielding the position. He hit 38 home runs in 1996, and earned the first of his three Central League MVP awards. Matsui's legend grew over the next several years as he led the Giants to Japan Series titles in 2000 and 2002. In 2002, Matsui belted an eye-popping 50 home runs and moved to MLB the next year.

Matsui hit 332 home runs in Japan. His combined NPB/MLB totals include 507 home runs and 1649 runs batted in. Accordingly, he deserves to be selected for the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility in 2018.

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Have you ever struggle when taking selfies? Yup! We've all been there, it’s when we all try to press the button! When you take selfies with a group of friends, you somehow frame everyone in the photo but then realize it’s hard to press the capture button, because you are holding the phone with one hand and the capture button is a bit far to reach. PhotoBot has the solution for you! No more tripods, and no more annoying self timers! Take selfies without having to press any button! Even use the front camera without having to twist your wrist trying to press the button. With the PhotoBot app all you have to do is mount the phone and go pose as much as you want and PhotoBot will take a picture every second (Or any amount of time you prefer), and all your poses will be captured. Then you will have a lot of great photos to chose from.


A life book. Flux is not just a memo. Its concise writing environment provides the most complete functionality for expressing moments. Beautiful transition effects will stimulate your emotions. Flux will capture the moments more than what you feel. Record your life with ‘Flux’. Infinite timelines, precise time pointers and handy tools. Flux focuses on the stories that have been written on your past, present and the future. A new timeline that goes on infinitely, a concise and beautiful writing environment, and attractive colors. Everything is ready for you.

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(HATM) Happy At The Moment by Iona Fab

Happiness is defined in the dictionary as a state of being happy! However, what defines it further depends on each person’s point of view. One cannot truly decipher it in behalf of another becauseit is a personal feeling and a feeling is something each person has that makes us unique. We may have similar feelings but not exactly the same. Happiness does not need an audience for validation.What I have wanted to practice lately is the art of being happy at the moment. Each moment that I am literally in, not a thought from the past nor a wishful thinking that is yet to happen.

When I flipped back on the pages of my past, I was this person who always wanted for more. I was always excited of what was going to happen and forgetting to enjoy the moment I was in. When I was at my elementary years, I cannot wait to be in High School. When I got into High School, I cannot wait to be in College where I thought I’d be cooler. To be apart from my parents and kind of be my own person was an exciting thought. Then from there on, I cannot just stop dreaming further, although it is not a bad thing to do but I am missing an important part of growing up which was to have had embraced the moment and live the reality. Thoughts of having a career soon and getting my own apartment were the constant feed to my brain.

I had another issue to deal with. It was me being single for such quite some time. The more I got impatient, the more it became impossible for me. Not to confuse you but I enjoyed being single of course however for me, I was sort of long overdue. I was either in a place where I wanted to go back to my younger years or I want to fast forward my life a little bit to my future. I could never be in a presenttense.

So fast forward indeed, I got married and just had an adorable baby (now 7 months old). I was about to be excited for him growing up but then I stopped. Instead, I should enjoy the moment that is now. Instead of wasting time on thinking about the what it is and could have been, why not just embrace the moment (that never happened nor will happen again).

Being at the moment, capture it while you can and if you want to share it with other people, gladly do so! Happiness is free and it is contagious! Have a happy day!






Strange but True


Hidden painting in Antarctica

A lost 118-year-old painting by one of Britain's most famous explorers has been discovered in Antarctica. Scientists stumbled on the delicate watercolour of a bird in a hut on Cape Adare, a peninsula on the continent's far east side. The almost perfectly-preserved artwork was painted by Dr Edward Wilson, a British polar explorer who died in Antarctica with his expedition leader Captain Robert Falcon Scott. It was hidden among penguin excrement, dust and mouldy papers in the hut he sheltered in on a 1911 expedition from which he never returned. The delicate painting is labelled '1899 Tree Creeper', and depicts a white-breasted tree creeper bird. But how it ended up in the Cape Adare hut 12 years after Dr Wilson painted it is a mystery. It will be returned after careful restoration to ensure its continued protection.

Here comes Darth Vader

Armed police evacuated a school after a student wearing a Darth Vader costume was mistaken for a potential attacker in a bullet-proof vest. Officers arrived at Ashwaubenon High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin, after a parent called to say they had seen someone walking through a back door carrying a bag and wearing what looked like body armour and a mask. Students were evacuated and another nearby school was placed on lockdown as armed officers searched the area. But the alert ended when officers realised the suspected assailant was a child who had dressed up for Star Wars Day - an annual celebration observed by fans of the sci-fi franchise. According to the police captain, the student would not be punished "as it has been determined that this was merely a mistake or lapse in judgement".


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